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Premium 5″ Flush Cutter Tool (Simply45 S45-801)

Premium 5″ Flush Cutter Tool (Simply45 S45-801)

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Premium 5″ Flush Cutter Tool (Simply45 S45-801)

Part Number: GSC S45-801

The Simply45® 5” Premium Flush Cutter Tool is a must-have in every installer’s tool kit.  This is not some cheaply-made Chinese tool. This is a professional premium quality, Flush Cutter. The S45-801 is ideal for trimming LAN cable wire conductors, and precise trimming for load bars, jacks, and more. It can be used with copper wires up to 18AWG (1mm).

Simply45® S45-801 5” Premium Flush Cutter Features:

  • Professionally Trim LAN Cable Wires.
  • Shears soft copper wire up to 18 AWG (1mm).
  • Angled Jar for precision flush cuts.
  • Cushioned Handles for greater comfort.
  • Non-Slip Grip. Holds in your hand well even in humid weather conditions.
  • High carbon style for greater durability.
  • Heat-treated high carbon steel blade.
  • Ideal for electronics, jewelry, and craft projects.
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